Excellence in Government Fellows Program



October 2021 – August 2022, 27 total days
April 2022 – March 2023, 27 total days




GS-14 to GS-15 federal employees



For more information contact 伊桑卡尔 at (电子邮件保护) or
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Excellence in Government Fellows Program

For the government to carry out its many missions—from defending against cyberattacks to promoting health 和 wellness for all Americans—agencies need effective 领导人 at the helm.

Excellence in Government Fellows 该项目是联邦雇员在GS-14至GS-15级别的主要领导能力发展课程. 已经30多年了, EIG已经帮助联邦雇员通过基于应用的学习培养强大的领导技能, 高度互动的活动, 真实的自我反省, personalized coaching 和 governmentwide networking. 我们的毕业生继续计划, design 和 implement innovative solutions to address the federal government’s biggest challenges 和 improve their agencies’ effectiveness.

Deadline Extended: 应用 by April 1 会议的细节

我们在澳门网赌正规网址平台伙伴关系仍然完全致力于我们的非营利组织, 无党派的使命. 我们也始终致力于您的专业发展. To help you achieve your agency’s mission 和 grow your skills as the p和emic situation evolves, you will have the option to attend the spring 2022 EIG program either in person or virtually. Both formats will be delivered by highly experienced 主持人s who use research-supported methods to help participants learn 和 exp和 their skill sets. 

While we underst和 it may be challenging to select the in-person or virtual option now, 这样做将有助于我们为该项目创建合适的队列. EIG基于队列的结构对我们优先考虑你的学习和发展的目标至关重要. 在这个结构, 参与者在25-30人的同一队列中经历EIG, 同样的高管教练和同样的小组项目队友. We ask that you make the choice to attend either in-person or virtually so we can create cohorts accordingly 和 allow you to remain with your group for the duration of the program. Please note that fellows will not be permitted to switch between cohorts during the program.

Developing federal 领导人 to meet today’s challenges

Agencies face constantly evolving challenges. 迎接这些挑战, federal 领导人 need a professional development program that provides them with fundamental 领导人hip principles 和 practical, 最新的领导工具. Designed specifically for the federal workplace, EIG is an immersive program that places fellows in cohorts to enable new networking 和 learning opportunities with government 领导人. 

1. 程序结构

  • Cohort-based学习: Fellows are placed in cohorts of 25-30 government 领导人 led by an experienced executive coach.  
  • 面对面的会议EIG由6个多天的会议组成,在全年进行. Each of our six sessions are three to four days, providing fellows with an immersive experience that leaves  ample time to digest program content 和 build lasting relationships. 会议之间的几周休息时间使学员能够对课程内容进行反思, apply lessons on the job 和 identify real-life challenges to workshop in the future. 
  • 三个虚拟会议:会议间隙, EIG也提供了三个, 两个小时的虚拟群组签到,这样参与者就可以继续学习, discuss their progress 和 stay connected.  
  • 两个1:1训练课程: Fellows also receive two individual, one-hour sessions with their executive coach. 在这段时间, 学员们使用360领导力评估工具来更深入地挖掘他们的领导力发展需求.

2. 领导的内容

  • EIG与 Public Service Leadership Model, the st和ard for effective government 领导人hip. 的 model outlines the core values of government service—stewardship of public trust 和 commitment to public good—along with four key competencies that all 21st century 领导人 need: becoming self-aware, engaging others, leading change 和 achieving results. 
  • According to the Office of Personnel Management, 领导人 must possess certain competencies outlined by the Executive Core Qualifications to enter the Senior Executive Service. EIG sessions focus on different aspects of the ECQs 和 emphasize h和s-on practice.  

3. 程序组件

  • 课程
    • EIG使用各种学习工具,包括模拟和案例研究, 促进讨论, 阅读和视频, 领导评估, 以及动手实践活动——以达到每节课的学习目标. To ensure the program offers the highest quality experience, we continually refresh our educational materials. Our lessons reflect the latest knowledge 和 best practices, 我们的案例研究考察了联邦雇员如何面对现代挑战. 我们在整个项目中使用评估工具来衡量学习,并根据学员的需要调整项目.
  • 基准
    • EIG uses the term “benchmarks” to refer to guest speakers, 现场参观和服务项目,使学员能够将课堂教学与现实情况联系起来. 的se experiences offer participants a behind-the-scenes look at innovative 领导人 和 organizations from the public, 私人, 非营利和学术部门. By engaging with these 领导人 directly, EIG成员建立新的联系并见证领导的行动. Previous site visits have included the National Archives, 微软, 林肯的小屋, 首都地区食品银行和美国宇航局戈达德太空飞行中心.
  • 结果项目
    • EIG fellows apply their learning to create a results-driven, 旨在解决我国面临的复杂问题的行动学习项目. In small groups, fellows work with program coaches to see projects through from start to finish. Key tasks include defining outcomes, 寻找赞助商, 建设支持, 创建可交付成果等等. Previous teams have developed strategies 和 initiatives to streamline drug approvals, 在食品召回和全国性灾难期间加强跨部门合作, 和 improve recruiting for mission-critical occupations.
  • 指导和咨询
    • 指导和反馈是培养领导力的关键因素. That is why fellows receive targeted, individualized support from our team of executive coaches, including two hours of one-on-one executive coaching sessions. EIG participants also connect with a network of EIG alumni 和 engage in crucial peer mentoring with fellow government 领导人.
  • 网络
    • 在整个项目, EIG fellows participate in cohort 和 cross-cohort activities, 和 programwide networking events to build relationships with peers across government. By joining a community of 领导人 from different agencies, 研究员在毕业后获得持续学习和职业发展的机会. 的se activities 和 opportunities support individual 领导人 in their career journeys 和 help federal agencies work together more effectively.




We have high st和ards for our EIG fellows. We will evaluate applications based on numerous criteria to ensure that individuals selected for the program will contribute fully to group projects 和 classroom discussions. 


Completed applications must include personal information, professional experience 和 objectives for the program, 一份最新的简历, 和 a letter of reference from a direct supervisor. Applicants should explain how their career objectives align with EIG program goals by writing clear 和 carefully considered short-answer responses.  

的 application does not need to be completed in one session.

Please note, many agencies have specific application guidelines for their employees. Before submitting your application, please make sure that you are following your agency’s internal guidelines 和 that you have permission from your agency’s 领导人hip to participate in this program. 

For further questions, please see the FAQ section.

Deadline Extended: 应用 by April 1


在为期一年的项目中, 研究员们仍然从事全职工作,每两个月开会一次, spending a total of 27 days in session, including orientation 和 cohort check-ins. Fellows also devote up to five hours per week to their results projects 和 session pre-work. Fellows are expected to attend all sessions, 因此,申请人在申请该课程之前,应查看课程表并确认其可用性. Exceptions are made for family 和 work-related emergencies.

一旦被录取,每位学员将被分配到一个由高管教练领导的队列中. Each cohort meets for one set of dates for each session (e.g., 领先的人), 和 each cohort check-in (three total) will be two hours long, held on a single date within the date range listed. Once you are assigned to a cohort (approximately two weeks prior to program kickoff), you will be given the exact date 和 time assigned for your group; please hold all dates listed until then.

每位研究员还将在4月19日至21日的某一天参加一个两小时的虚拟介绍会, 2022.  

研究员将选择虚拟或亲自参与该计划. Please note that fellows will not be permitted to switch between both options during the program.

Kickoff: Values, Vision 和 Mission

2022年4月26 - 29日


2022年6月21 - 24日,


2022年5月的一个两小时时段 (虚拟)




One two-hour slot in October 2022 (虚拟)

Building Partnerships 和 Coalitions

2022年11月1 - 4,


One two-hour slot in December 2022 (虚拟)




2023年3月14 - 16日

“It truly has impacted how I approach my job. 每一天, there is some kind of conflict in my work, 和 the lessons I learned from the program around 主要变化 和领导 people, h和ling difficult situations 和 resolving challenges, that’s something I apply every day. It really has made me think about different approaches to problems 和 has helped me immensely.”




Our executive coaching team is dedicated to helping participants reach their 领导人hip goals. Our coaches possess a common set of core qualifications 和 bring a diverse set of backgrounds, global perspectives 和 培训 styles to the EIG program. 许多人是前联邦领导人,代表着各种各样的机构, 他们都在公共部门的行政领导培训方面有丰富的经验, 组织发展, 培训和便利.

Excellence in Government Fellows Program 教练


艾莉森•米勒 is a 领导人hip coach, 战略规划, 组织的有效性, 领导发展顾问,拥有超过25年的专业经验. 艾莉森曾担任信息技术部门的高管职位, 管理, 和 human capital consulting organizations, 负责数百万美元的预算和100多名员工的发展和福利. 通过她的经历, 培训, 和个人的旅程, 艾莉森培养了帮助其他领导人和组织发展战略愿景的愿望和专业技能, align their goals 和 priorities, 通过有效的沟通和支持客户来领导变革, 利益相关者, 和员工. Alison specialties are assessing 和 developing organizations, leading individual 和 team coaching programs, 和 delivering 领导力发展 培训. Focus areas most requested by clients include developing 和 sharing vision 和 goals; enhancing 领导人hip presence; improving emotional intelligence; increasing influencing skills; managing conflict; setting clear expectations; providing effective feedback; motivating staff; 和 maximizing employee engagement.

认识到客户在高压下经常有太多的事情要做, 显眼的, 复杂的环境, Alison provides practical coaching 和 thought 领导人hip. She collaborates with her clients to design actions that increase self-awareness about their current mindsets 和 behaviors 和 encourages them to in企业 new skills. Her support is always customized to the specific goals 和 circumstances of each client, 和 includes resources 和 frameworks to reinforce learning 和 adopt new habits. 客户一致表示,他们对她富有洞察力的问题表示赞赏, 明确的反馈, 和 helpful best practices that create a new way of seeing, 思考, 和领导.

艾莉森得了个B.S. 克拉克森大学电子与计算机工程硕士.B.A. from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, 和 she is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program with a Professional Certified Coaching (PCC) credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 艾莉森通过了Bar-On情绪商量表(EQ-i), Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), 基本人际关系取向(FIRO)元素B, Klein Group Instrument for Leadership 和 团队 Effectiveness, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), 和 the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). She is currently studying positive psychology 和 applied neuroscience to support her client work.


贝基李 has over thirty years of experience at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 和 with Korn/Ferry as a Senior Consultant. A couple highlights of her government career are the design 和 delivery of an experiential, award winning 领导人hip program for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) 和 implementation of a coaching program at CIA that is still thriving after 15 years.

Becky is an innovative organization development consultant 和 experienced executive coach who is known for her ability to connect with 领导人, 帮助他们变得更有自知之明和实现他们的业务成果. 她指导情报界各级领导, in other government agencies 和 the 私人 sector. Becky also designs 和 delivers 领导力发展 programs with recognized impact.

贝琪在许多360和自我评估中被认可,包括:基准, 的声音, ®相类型指标, FIRO-B®, 几个霍根评估工具, Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory, 和更多的.

She holds a certificate in organization development from Georgetown University 和 is accredited as an 联系 Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Becky has a Master of Science degree in college student personnel 和 counseling from 美国niversity of Tennessee 和 a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts from Virginia Tech.

克里斯汀·R. 威廉姆斯

Chris has over 25 years of experience designing 和 creating programs 和 strategies that enable organizations 和 individuals to improve performance 和 achieve their goals. Her cutting edge programs are considered world-class by both industry 和 Government st和ards. She is frequently invited to speak internationally on the topics of 领导力发展, 组织变革, executive coaching 和 the application of advances in neuroscience to improving employee learning 和 组织的有效性.

在奥托-威廉姆斯有限公司成立咨询部门之前, 她和别人共同拥有的公司, Chris曾担任多个美国国家航空航天局最成功的全机构领导力发展项目的主任, 包括美国国家航空航天局的高管培训计划和系统工程领导力发展计划. 在20多年的时间里,她帮助美国国家航空航天局培养了下一代领导人, an organization that is 澳门网赌正规网址平台十大最佳工作场所之一.

他曾获卓越政府委员会颁发的“行动领袖奖”, 美国国家航空航天局’s Outst和ing Leadership Medal, 外部成就奖, 创新管理奖, 创新管理奖, 和 Space Flight Awareness Award. She serves on the Advisory Boards of the Neuro领导人hip Institute 和 the Conference Board’s Executive Coaching Conference.

After receiving her BS in Oceanography, Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from 的 Johns Hopkins University with an MS in Organizational Development 和 Applied Behavioral Science. She also obtained a certificate in business 管理 from the Harvard Business School 和 a Professional Coaching Certification from the Newfield Network.


Claudio’s mission is to ensure that senior 领导人 embody authentic 领导人hip so that they can increase their impact. 他是富山的首席执行官&Co., a 领导人hip consultancy specializing in building sustainable peak performance cultures 和 has consulted in 113 countries so far. 克劳迪奥在企业文化中创造范式转变的能力,造就了更有思想的领导力, a staff of br和 ambassadors 和 customers who feel the difference 和 embrace it. He is an ICF-PCC certified executive coach, an Adjunct Faculty at the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University 和 author of the best-seller book “的 Samurai Samba Vinci Way: How to Improve Your Executive Presence, Increase Trust 和 Lead Your 团队 at a World-Class Level”.

In his 领导人hip 和 executive coaching sessions, 他结合了东西方哲学,同时为即将展开的变革提供了一个神圣的空间. 他是个终生学习者, having received a BA in Business Administration, 市场营销研究生学位, 策略, 传播学和互动多媒体硕士学位, prior to graduating from Newfield Network in Ontological Coaching 和 graduating from the Institute for Generative Leadership in Coaching Excellence in Organizations.

Felicita Sola-Carter

Prior to her retirement in January 2009, Feli served as Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources 和 Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer of the Social Security Administration (SSA), 澳门网赌正规网址平台十大最佳工作场所之一. She shared national 领导人hip of the Personnel, 培训, Civil Rights 和 Equal Opportunity, 劳动, Management 和 Employee Relations, Human Capital Planning 和 Executive Services Support programs.

菲利是波多黎各人,毕业于圣山学院. 文森特. She began her career with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in New York City. Advancing into managerial positions, 她加入了巴尔的摩专员办公室,担任首席副专员的高级顾问, becoming the first Hispanic in that role. In 1998, as 联系 Commissioner for the Office of 培训, she became the first Puerto Rican woman appointed to the Senior Executive Service at the Social Security Administration. She is the recipient of a 2004 Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive 和 a 2005 Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive, the highest honors a career federal executive may receive.

An Excellence in Government Coach since 2009, Feli also works with a variety of Federal, 当地的, 和非营利组织. 积极参与社区活动, Feli是地平线基金会的董事会成员, 和 is the former President of Conexiones of Howard County. A graduate of Leadership Howard County, Feli被提名为马里兰州100名女性,并于2014年入选霍华德郡女性名人堂.


Leah has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, 主持人, 车间培训师, 和 executive 领导人hip coach; helping teams, 经理, 办公室主任, 首席执行官们, 领导人, 和 organizations in diverse organizational environments, 包括政府, 企业, 非营利性, 政治和学术, in both domestic 和 international settings. In a transient 和 ever-changing work environment, Leah specializes in supporting 领导人 as they are called to collaborate 和 partner within their organizations as well as across organizations.

Leah provides consulting 和 coaching services, both individually 和 collaboratively, to many organizations including National Institutes of Health, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 商务部(DOC), 经济研究Group-USDA, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), 美国国家航空航天局, 联合国基金会, 民主党全国委员会, 安妮E. 安妮·e·凯西基金会, 卫生和公众服务部:艾滋病政策办公室, 妇女健康办公室, 和 Human Resources Service Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau, 教育部. Private sector clients include InfoVista, KaBoom, Inc., Genpact Europe, Chemonics International 和 J. 拉萨尔.

Leah持有马里兰大学人类学和语言学学士学位(1978年), M.S./AbD in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University (1982). She is a Newfield-trained ICF coach, 是迈尔斯-布里格斯类型指标认证的协调人, 和LPI, CCL Skillscope分部, 和 EI 360-degree assessment tools. 她也是一名认证的基于结果的教练和促进者,以及行动学习团队教练/促进者. 在过去的30年里,她参与了许多领导和组织发展, Communication 和 Coaching programs. Her publications include “Power through Discourse” 和 “Voices of the Community: AIDS Orphans in the District of Columbia.她在马里兰大学人类学系工作了15年.

Leah is the recipient of the 2009 和 2010 ICF Prism Award for Coaching Excellence with National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 和 的 National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.


Ms. Thakrar的专业知识建立在超过15年专注于战略的经验之上, 组织变革 管理, 领导力发展, 培训 和 executive coaching. Monica brings to all of her work a deep underst和ing of human 和 组织发展 based on years of working with large-scale organizations, 高管, mid-经理, 和 individuals on 主要变化, 建立良好的人际关系, creating high-functioning teams, enhancing 领导人hip capacities, 和 working across organizational silos.

She has worked with individuals 和 organizations to enhance their effectiveness, 实现更高的效率, 和 develop increased capacities in leading people, 主要变化, 并建立关系. 莫妮卡曾为私营企业(万豪酒店)的客户服务, 朗讯, 有线和无线, 大炮, 汉利木, MedStar), the public sector (US Department of Homel和 Security, 美国教育部, US Agency of International Development, US Department of Agriculture (NIFA 和 NRCS), 美国能源部, US Department of Health 和 Human Services (NIH, SAMHSA, 和ACL), 美国国家航空航天局, the National Science Foundation, 和 美国S Postal Service) 和 abroad (Central Bank of Jordan 和 Greater Amman Municipality).

Ms. Thakrar is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service 和 has a Masters in International Trade 和 Business from Columbia University. 她毕业于Newfield Network的组织辅导项目. Ms. Thakrar’s is an ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation 和 is certified in the Myers Briggs assessment, 阀瓣评估, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) 360 Assessment Suite, LEI 360, EQ-I 2.0评估,改变风格指标和健康的领导者简介.

谢丽尔D. 菲利普斯,M.A.

谢丽尔, a 领导人hip consultant 和 executive coach, 与领导者合作超过25年,以创建更有效和前瞻性的组织. 她在个人方面工作, team 和 system level providing executive coaching, 领导力发展, 组织发展和战略和业务规划. 谢丽尔 is on the faculty of the internationally acclaimed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program (since 2001) 和 the newly formed Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown. Prior to beginning her own practice in 2001, 谢丽尔 spent a decade as a Senior Executive, which allows her to underst和 the challenges of 领导人, 尤其是在大, 复杂的设置.

谢丽尔 works extensively with 领导人hip teams to develop their capacity to communicate 和 coordinate action 和 to create both strategic 和 operational plans. She also provides Executive Coaching to individual 领导人 和 has worked with hundreds of clients across the public, non-profit 和 企业 sector, 在美国和国际上.

谢丽尔拥有威廉玛丽学院的硕士学位和奥本大学的学士学位. She is a Certified Professional Coach by the Newfield Network; 和 a certified Somatic Coach by 的 Strozzi Institute. She has a certificate in Organizational Learning from George Mason University 和 is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School’s program for 领导人hip practitioners. She is a qualified Myers-Briggs Administrator 和 is certified in 领导人hip assessment instruments from the Center for Creative Leadership, 合益集团的调查结果, Lominger 和 的 Leadership Circle. 她是《澳门顶级网赌网址大全》(On Becoming a Leadership Coach, Palgrave 2008)一书的特约作者。.

谢丽尔’s recent clients include Capital One, 普华永道会计师事务所, the Securities 和 Exchange Commission (SEC), CFPB, 美国金融业监管局, 房利美(Fannie Mae), Treliant风险顾问, 落实的, National Institutes of Health (NIH), 核能研究所(NEI), National Science Foundation (NSF), 美国国家航空航天局, Department of Transportation (DOT), NAEYC, 和许多其他人. 她还定期为非营利组织的董事会和领导人提供服务.


Solly在联邦机构和项目的领导和管理方面有超过30年的经验. 他曾担任公共和私营部门的执行董事, 首席运营官, 办公厅主任, 和 Acting 联系 Director for Human Capital in the Federal Government; as an 联系 Partner at IBM Corporation; 和 as an Executive Coach/Instructor for federal 领导人hip programs.

自2009年以来,Solly一直担任卓越政府奖学金项目的执行教练/讲师. His coaching experience has included interagency/open enrollment programs, cohort from 美国.S. 教育部 和 美国.S. Department of Homel和 Security Fellows program. Solly also serves as an Instructor for the Senior Executive Assessment Program sponsored by 美国.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Prior to his coaching 和 instructing experience, Solly was a consultant at IBM Corporation where he provided Human Capital consulting, 联邦部门的专业知识和思想领导能力. He served as project executive for delivery of services, 起草和编辑《澳门顶级网赌网址大全》思想领导力出版物, served as guest lecturer/trainer, 并进行了会议, 论坛和研讨会.

When he retired from federal service in 2006, 索利是美国人事管理局人力资本部门的代理副主任,在那里他领导了许多政府范围内的项目. 在OPM, he managed government-wide human capital programs under the President’s Management Agenda with an emphasis on 领导力发展, 接班人计划, talent 管理 和 performance 管理, 包括绩效工资. He also managed the Senior Executive Service selection, performance 管理 和 certification programs. 除了, he was an Executive in Residence at the OPM Eastern Management Development Center where he designed 和 delivered 领导人hip programs. He also served as the acting Center Director.

Solly还担任联邦劳动关系管理局(Federal 劳动 Relations Authority)的执行主任,担任高级执行职务, where he served as the 首席运营官, 和 the 办公厅主任 to the Chairman of 美国.S. 国际贸易委员会.

Solly has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from 美国niversity of Notre Dame.

Steven E. 琼斯,Ph值.D.

Steven曾在私人和公共组织担任高级领导职务,领导变革努力. He has over 18 years of experience providing facilitation, coaching 和 培训 to organizations focused on building more effective workplaces. 他开发了指导和培训协议,以改变人们在领导领域的技能, 团队建设, 沟通, systemic change 和 diversity 管理.

Steven is an executive coach to 领导人 of foundations, 非营利组织, banking 和 federal government agencies including the 安妮E. 安妮·e·凯西基金会, Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, the Africa Development Foundation, 离岸银行, 国家合作银行, 美国.S. Department of Health 和 Human Services, Federal Aviation Administration, 国内收入署, U.S. 教育部, National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian Institution 和 U.S. 商务部. Steven has been an Excellence in Government Fellows 领导力发展 coach since 2002.


汤姆·福克斯利用了他20多年的企业家经验, 为领导者提供实用的建议,让他们的生活和员工的生活更美好. Tom has worked with thous和s of 领导人 — everyone from emerging 领导人 to experienced 高管 — in the federal government, 非营利部门, 私营企业的创业. 他支持的领导者成功地建立了高效的团队, confront difficult professional conflicts, launch new initiatives 和 successfully navigate change, receive sought-after promotions, 和 finally find that elusive balance between their professional 和 personal lives.

Tom is an International Coach Federation (ICF)-certified coach who completed Marshall Goldsmith’s LEAD 60 coaching program 和 the Leadership Coaching program at Georgetown University. He is also trained 和 certified in the MHS Emotional Intelligence 360 assessment, a variety of Center for Creative Leadership assessments, Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model, the Strength Deployment Inventory 和 the DiSC assessment. 八年多了, Tom wrote the Federal Coach column for 的 Washington Post where he interviewed approximately 500 领导人 和 regularly dispensed advice to the column’s tens of thous和s of weekly readers. He’s been a regular television guest, 他的作品被包括《澳门顶级网赌网址大全》在内的新闻媒体报道, NBC晚间新闻和CNN. His previous work in the public, 私人 和 nonprofit sectors also includes experience at the 澳门网赌正规网址平台伙伴关系, 安达信咨询, the Government Accountability Office, 美国.S. 参议院和白宫.


Members from the Partnership staff will work with you throughout the Excellence in Government Fellows Program to ensure that your experience goes smoothly.



A: EIG是指通过推动创新来解决国家挑战的GS-14至GS-15(或同等级别)领导人, inspiring employees 和 delivering results. Exceptional GS-13s are also encouraged to apply. 


  • 有良好的业绩记录,并表现出满足OPM核心资格要求的高潜力. 
  • 愿意并能够全身心投入到项目中. 
  • Have the support of your department or agency. 
  • For those participating in in-person cohorts, be capable of traveling to Washington, D.C. 和 other locations for sessions. For those participating in virtual cohorts, be capable to access learning technology platforms for the full duration of sessions. 

Q: What application materials must I provide to be eligible?

A: 你需要提交一份你的直接上司的推荐信和一份你的简历. Your resume should include all professional work experience, including nongovernmental experience. 

Q: How will I know if I’m accepted?

A: You will receive an email from a Partnership representative notifying you of your acceptance status within one week after the application deadline. If we have an agreement with your agency to accept you as part of an internal selection process, you will receive word from your agency first. 然而, your acceptance is not officially confirmed until you receive a notification from us. 我们不限制参与者的数量——我们能够为每个队列容纳一个大而多样化的群体. 

Q: Can I reapply if I am not accepted into the program?

A: 是的,你可以重新申请,只要你满足项目的最低资格. 然而, please check with your agency before reapplying—we do limit the number of accepted participants from a single agency in order to ensure that each cohort benefits from a wide range of agency perspectives. 


A: No.


A: Tuition is $11,400, which includes all course materials (e.g., 书, 文章和评估), online collaboration platforms for team projects, 和 access to the Partnership’s resources, 专业知识和网络. 


A: Participants should arrange payment prior to the first session (we will provide the specific date in the first program 沟通 to accepted applicants). Your agency is responsible for paying tuition. We do not accept payment from individual applicants. 

We accept the following forms of payment: credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), purchase order or St和ard Form 182 (SF-182). 的 tuition form will provide instructions to request a purchase order that can be paid by your agency through an Automated Clearing House transfer or check. 

We will work directly with the agency point of contact (e.g., 培训 coordinator, human resources specialist, etc.) responsible for paying your tuition. 请提供POC的姓名、邮箱和电话. 任何学费状态更新请求都应该通过您的机构POC. 


问:如果我不得不错过部分会议或整个会议,我该怎么办? 你们提供化妆课程吗?

A: 要想从伙伴计划毕业,必须全员出席并参加我们的培训课程. 在发生冲突时, please notify a Partnership staff member as soon as possible, even before the first session is held. Should you miss any part of a session, we will arrange for you to attend the same session held during the following year’s program. Participants may only make up the first session of a program within the same program year. 

Q: Where will the sessions take place?

A: All in-person classroom sessions will take in Washington, D.C. 在整个项目, 他们将访问华盛顿的联邦机构和非政府组织, D.C.马里兰州和弗吉尼亚州地区. Participants will be notified of these visits in advance. Fellows will choose to participate in the full program either virtually or in person. Please note that fellows will not be permitted to switch between both options during the program.


A: 是的, we administer 和 facilitate debriefs on various assessments, 包括澳门网赌正规网址平台领导力360评估和托马斯-基尔曼冲突模式工具(TKI).